Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Craft fair at the G8 photos

Craft Fair

My next outing is in Castlerock Fair along the promenade in the town on Saturday 6th July from 10am to 4pm.
Please come along and see what we have to offer...it promises to be good

Post G8

Just back from the C8 craft fair in Enniskillen. The G8 went well as did our fair. We could have done with more customers but I'm glad I went , sales were reasonable, 2 commissions for large sheep and a lead to stock my wares in a design studio. Jenny was a great help and set out the stall each day with flair!
The other good thing about a four day fair was that we had a lovely holiday with my friend Kathryn and I met a lovely bunch of crafters.
I also saw Obama and David Cameron as they drove through the town, I supported the IF campaign to end world hunger, which was organised by Oxfam.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

You may have heard of G8 well now learn more about C8

I was delighted to be accepted by Fermanagh District Council to sell my sheep at the C8 craft fair in Enniskillen Castle on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th and Monday 17th June 2013. This is a celebration of making so please check out the website www.enniskillencastle.co.uk. It runs from 12MD to 6pm each day and I have some really special sheep for sale.
Try to come to the fair