Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The new beginning

Today I have prepared my first invoice for the National Trust so from March 1 you will be able to buy a selection of sheep and lambs from the shop at the Giants Causeway. The ones on sale are made exclusively for the Causeway and I'm hoping sheep will fly ...literally fly off the shelves!
So its never too late to make a new start, I thought I had finished my career and here we are starting another one when most people my age are thinking of retiring,
So a number of thank-you's are necessary.
Firstly to all my loyal customers who keep buying my sheep and paying me compliments...nothing like it for the soul
To Karen Yates from Zing who helped me develop my branding webpage and a whole lot more.
To Frances Lundy who encouraged me and helped open a few doors to get in front of the right buyers.
To My family, especially my husband Ken, who make their own dinner when I'm up to my ears in sheep!
To The Causeway Market in Coleraine, 2nd Saturday of each month for keeping my dream alive.

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